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Our Creative Minds

Meet the team behind Kenya Fixer Agency operations.

Over ten years in print and broadcast media. Loves the outdoors and documentary film making. Fine artist and photographer.

Frank Odweso
Producer | Cameraman

Over ten years in the branding and avertising industry. The marketing mind | fixer. Creative ball with a passion for analysing politics.

Edward Owino
Marketing Director

Assistant producer with a strong passion for adventure, travelling and writing.

Sharon Nabwire
Asst. Producer | Admin

Award winning reporter in the broadcast industry. Over six years experience in gender, health, humn rights, legal & enviromental stories. Loves new challanges and adventure.

Brenda Cheruiyot
Producer | Reporter

Seven years as cameraman | editor. The hawk eyed fixer good at location scouting. Loves travelling and adventure.

Robert Lutta
Producer | Cameraman

Documentary director for over seven years.Loves adventure,traveling and watching classical films and documentaries.

Peggy Mbiyu

Five years experience as cameraman, photographer and fixer. Loves fish, photography and cartoons.

Moses Njagua
Cameraman | Photographer

Ten years experience in creative design under his belt. The consumate creative with a passion for singing.

Derick Onzere
Creative Director

Award winning editor for swahili telenovela "SAIDA". Six years experience as an online and offline editor. God fearing, patient and flexible adventurer.

John Oriaro

Four years experience as editor | producer. A versatile filmmaker | photographer, with experience behind the camera and in post-production. Loves computer science, travelling, hiking, learning new culture and languages.

Brian Ogutu
Editor | Producer

What people say?

Kenya Fixer Agency is one of the best I've worked with in Africa. Best crew, best people one can liaise with anybody and everybody, taking off the pressure. That"s part of their proffesional experience.

George Kavanagh, Photographer.

What people say?

Use these guys they are the best. They provide the best options. I was very happy. I'd recommend that.

Matt Head, Art Director, OGILVY UK

What people say?

They do a fantastic job. Have a good rapport with everyone involved within a location. You can always use them again if you wanted to.

James Goldsmith, Technical Assistant